World Watercolor Month 7/14/16


Day 14

Yesterday was affectionately known as Painting Disaster Day.  Last time I did a 30 Paintings in 30 Day challenge, Disaster Day was much later, somewhere near day 25.  If it had ‘t been for supportive husband last year, I would have hung up the brushes and not finished the challenge.

As we are settling on our new home next Friday, I am trying to get ahead a bit. Trying to get two paintings done a day.  These are small paintings intended to be turned into greeting cards.  Subjects should be simple and uplifting.  Guess my choice of workhorses yesterday didn’t quite fit the theme.  The Universe reminded me as I managed to wreck not one, but two paintings.   Workhorses are not simple and uplifting.  Got it.

Reaching out to friends on Facebook for inspiration and help got me going in the right direction, and I did get ahead by one painting.  But today I was drawn back to the seashells. Particularly the ones I consider angel wings.

By the way, they are not angel wing seashells….I looked them up…..they are turkey wing seashells.  That Universe….what a sense of humor.

“Did You Art Today?”


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