World Watercolor Month7/6/16


Today I made my first foray into the art community here in Sarasota.  I met several other painters from the SRQ Plein Air Painters at Ted Sperling Park on South Lido.

An early start, it was hot and muggy, I forgot my palette, got paint all over my capris and everything else, managed to lose my dollar store glasses and the gnats were a pain…..but

 Globbing  paint on the side of my water container worked well enough for a palette (though I do suspect that’s where all the stains came from), and I persevered, painting two paintings.   Part of the fun in painting in a non-controlled atmosphere is finding a way to make it work.

My first painting was a bit tentative, the second, not so much. While it was a small group, it was nice to meet some fellow painters, and Joan was particularly  generous with her bug spray.  Thank you SRQ Plein Air Painters for welcoming me to your group.

“Did You Art Today?”


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