World Watercolor Month – 7/1/16


My first painting for the World Watercolor Month challenge of 31 paintings in 31 days. Painted from Rachel H. Wilson’s photo posted on the Photos for Artists Facebook page.

My plan:

1.  Paint Small

2.  Turn the paintings into cards for my new favorite charity:  Nursing Home Smiles

Inspired by his grandmother, this new charity is in it’s infancy. They bring greeting cards to  seniors in nursing homes by enlisting children and community groups to make and/or donate cards and funds to this forgotten group of our society.

So, my dear artist friends, here’s an idea.  If you have excess paintings, why not turn them into cards and send them along to Ronald B. Tyson At Nursing Home Smiles, P.O. Box 226, Odessa, Florida 33556.  This is a non-profit organization only three months old.  He will send you a receipt and you know your art will be appreciated. 

“Did You Art Today?”


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