Moving Musings 5/17/16

Now that we’re here, some reflections on life after a relocation, creativity and…..

Getting there.

We have Florida driver’s licenses, library cards, are registered to vote and are official members of the Sarasota Audubon Socity.  We have Internet access, phones, the garage refrigerator is being delivered today, repairs are scheduled for a few minor interior house problems.  The boxes we brought with us are unpacked. We are, indeed, getting there.

There is no routine. Won’t even tell you what time I brushed my teeth and got dressed this morning/afternoon.  The moving truck with our stuff, and most importantly, my car, will be here this weekend.  Life is still a series of questions. “Where did you put the Xxxxx?” “Have you seen XXXX?”

Yesterday, in an effort to bring back some regular, my art desk got it’s Florida inauguration.  Having commandeered a section of the dining room for a studio, it was time to give it a go.  Several commissions need to be done.  The location of the desk in the window is not ideal…throwing shadows on my paper and making colors a bit washed out.  My good lamp and my art chair are on the truck.  Compromising,  I used a bar stool type chair, but found myself sitting uncomfortably on the edge. Did my commission drawing at the table in the sunroom, but was hesitant to start painting at the desk.

Taking a break after drawing,  I decided to do a warm up painting.  Simple, no pressure, my go to favorite subject.  Having been granted permission by photographer Cindy Heffelfinger Steyer to use her sweet photo of Chincoteague Pony,  Got Milk and her 2016 foal which she posted on a Chincoteague Facebook page I follow, I was counting on my inherent love for these animals and my love of Chincoteague (add horses to great birdwatching, and you know it’s a hit) to minimize the chair discomfort.

And it did.  Yes, there was some rummaging about for things that were no longer in their familiar place.  And maybe the desk will need to be moved.  But I painted, it felt good, and all is right with the world.  

Who knows where “there” is, but after yesterday, I feel like I might be getting closer.


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