Moving Musings 4/1/16

Meet McKinley.  My last New Jersey commission.  

Wasn’t sure this commission was ever going to get completed.  Showing a house, packing and downsizing my studio, made this one of the most challenging commissions I’ve done.  A sweet dog, for a sweet collector, these are usually the ones that fall off the brush. Somehow working in 15 minute increments, it sat on my desk as a testament to the out-of-control that has been spinning in my life.  At one point an option considered was just telling them I couldn’t do it.

When the painting was finished, I felt proud and relieved.  The painting was done and I liked it.  I could move on to Florida with a clean slate as I have not accepted any commissions since.

Feeling smug, I went to my now empty supply closet to do the finishing work.  Thinking I had planned perfectly by leaving one proper-sized mat, backing  and mounting tape out of the moving boxes, I realized I’d forgotten to put aside an acetate sleeve in which to put the painting. Stickers I usually put on the back were not where I thought I’d packed them.  Of course, the printer was running out of ink for the provenance, and guess what?  Brown wrapping paper in which I usually wrap paintings had been given to a friend.

Thankfully, all was resolved and the painting was delivered yesterday to some happy collectors.

All in all, a good reminder to expect the unexpected.  Kind of exciting, don’t you think?

“Did You Art Today?”


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