Therapy for Change



Moving from an area in which you have spent your entire 63 years is not without some angst.  Downsizing, a longtime goal in theory, does not come without soul searching.  This stuff that meant so much, now just takes up space.  Decisions to sell, take, or give it away bring about thoughts of responsibility, monies spent, time used to acquire and maintain.  Disruptive, time-consuming, disorganized, a mess.   Do I really want this simple life? It certainly doesn’t feel simple right now.  The word simplicity has been on my personal mission statement for years.

So why is it sometimes so dang hard?

Not prone to regrets, and armed with a faith that I have the resources and wherewithal to handle what life has handed me, I am surprised at the moments of self reflection, nostalgia and close to the surface emotions.  Time for another change.

A new plan of attack.

Disposition of Stuff Therapy:  Take the easy route.

Emotional Therapy:  When I start thinking I will miss someone or something… the family and friends ……I’ve decided that when I do spend time with them, it will be meaningful and loving.  If I start thinking about missing the warmth of the fireplace, I can think about the warmth of the sun at the pool or on the beach.  When I get overwhelmed, I can remember that I would regret not taking this opportunity.

Art Therapy:   Art journaling.   A way to pull together the reality that I don’t have as much time to seriously “art” at this juncture in my life, with my ever present need to make a mark.  Creating a personal memory book in this time of transition.  Somehow, someway, recording my journey to our next chapter feels right.

So happy to have my art to keep me grounded.

“Did You Art Today?”


2 thoughts on “Therapy for Change

  1. Diane, You are amazing!.  You are strong.   Don’t think I could ever make that move.   My house is full of stuff and I can’t part with it (I might need it some day mentality).  It is so hard. Best of luck.  JOY

  2. I can relate to all you said so beautifully. Yes it is soul wrenching to make such huge changes but also the most carageous of acts to actually be living your dream!!!!

    The tough part is the emmotion that needs to be processed. I lived for months with wearing my heart on my sleeve too. Hard to do at the time – looking back now makes me realize that it was worth each heart pull, each drop and each “so long” to beloved family and friends.

    I love that you are journaling. Thank you for inspiring me to start a different kind of journal.

    Best of fortune to you and Jim as you bring a beautiful chapter to a close and oppen another one filled with hope and dreams. May all your expectations become a glorious reality for you both. Xxx

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