Floral Friday 1\14\16 Do It Again

Hat check.  Triple play.  Third time’s a charm! Using the same photo from the past two weeks, I now have three paintings from the same reference photo.(Uschi’sphoto on the wonderful photo reference site Paint My Photo.)

Think I’ve about tapped out this photo, but will contemplate this week to see if I can find another  painting, from this single source.  Not sure it’s there, but I’ll give it a week to ponder and see if there’s one more view, one more angle, one more way, or one more…  painting. We’ll see.

Have you ever challenged yourself to paint the same subject in different ways over several different paintings? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Think this would have been easier to do in one sitting.  All the colors would have been mixed and ready for the paper.  But then, again, great experience in color mixing.

It’s getting harder to take pictures of my paintings in a setting, as lots of my knock knacks are packed away getting ready for the move. Hoping to be able to continue Floral Friday’s throughout the chaos….may have to paint ahead a bit.  The upcoming move is getting very exciting, but very disruptive.

I like the way the three of them look together. 

Water colors 5.5’X 7.5″matted to 8″ X 10″, $65.00 each.
‘Did You Art Today?”


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