Floral Friday 1/8/16 – Dash of Splash



Today’s Floral Friday is from the same reference photo I used last week.  A photo posted by Uschi on Paint My Photo.

Yep same reference picture.

While I was somewhat satisfied with last week’s painting, I felt it lacked something.

When painting commissi0ns, it’s all about the detail.  The challenge  is to bring my style to the painting. When painting from a photo, how do you bring the essence to the game?

When painting from my photos, I am blessed to have the memory.  Taking a moment to recall the day, the feeling, the smells and sounds before starting can often have a zen aspect to the execution of a painting.

But this was someone else’s photo, and I felt my first painting a bit flat and too detailed for my spirit.  I had no personal connection to the photo.   So I revisited it,  searching for what made me chose it in the first place.  The dramatic dark background, the white peony in amongst the soft drooping lilacs?

Time to improvise.  A little bit of lavender oil on a cotton ball sitting on my desk did the trick. Instantly transporting me to a lilac-lined backyard far away and years ago. A connection.

What do you do to add a dash of splash to your paintings?

‘Did You Art Today?”


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