The Numbers Game – Looking Back


Those of you who know me are aware I used to make my living surrounded by financial reports.  And while my right brain has charge of my life most days, at year-end, I’m once again called back to the real world to put my books together. The power of data can sometimes be as alluring as the call of my paintbrushes.

Here’s my year-end review my report.  Paintings sold in 2015, 44.  A new record for Wallace Studios.  Of the 44, 11 were commissions (about average). For the first time ever, I sold 4 prints of my artwork through the website Fine Arts America.  

Paintings painted…. 87.  

My Facebook fans grew from 327 to 442, Twitter followers from 112 to 162.  My WordPress followers from 121 to 142. Posted 63 blogs versus 24 last year, but fell down a bit on newsletters, 8 this year versus 9 last year.  

Highlights of the year other than numbers:

     Signed my first licensing agreement.

     Accepted my first credit card

     Had my first international sale, to be followed by four more.

     Made it through the #30 Paintings in 30 days challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta in January.

     Had my first Studio Sale.

While none of these numbers are mind blowing, they sure help to answer my question, “Did You Art Today?”

So, that’s the down and dirty for Wallace Studios for the year 2015.  With our upcoming move, and my husband’s retirement, I’m not sure what to expect for 2016.  But you can be sure there will be a lot of new inspiration!


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