As many of you know, Wallace Studios will be relocating from New Jersey to Sarasota, Florida sometime during the Spring of 2016.

We are currently in Sarasota, at what I have nicknamed The Villa, working on the home we are to move into. It was previously owned by a family member.  Lots of sorting, gifting, tossing, donating, and planning.  Lots of change.  We are making good progress. When we return to New Jersey shortly there will be more of the same.

Our new home will be approximately 30% smaller than our current.  Our mission statement has always included simplicity. This will be a test of how serious we are about that word.  I will no longer have a dedicated room for a studio, but a dedicated space instead.  A big change.

This studio space will soon occupy a place of prominence in our new home.  Another change. While I am a bit nervous about keeping it neat and tidy, there is a joy in it being such a part of our living space, as it is such a part of my life.  Or more to the point, who I am.   Out in the middle of living. Sort of how I’m feeling in Florida.

My father’s greatest gift was his awesome example of accepting change with an open heart. He is in my ear when I get a bit overwhelmed.   Reminding me that change is inevitable, it’s how we accept it that matters.

Which brings us to the seashell and my “aha” moment.  The bright new bedspread made this room look particularly empty. Easy fix for me. No shopping involved, not even really any decision.  Just pull out the brushes, paper, paints, water and some paper towels and go.

Hitting home (in our new home), that creating art isn’t about where it’s executed, it’s all about just arting.

“Did You Art Today?”


8 thoughts on “Change

  1. Oh Diane, I absolutely love your art.   I see Dan in it.   I am sorry to learn that you are moving.   You sound excited and that is all that counts.     I had to write because your father’s words touched me.  I will print them and put them on our bedroom mirror so we can see them when stiffness greets us in the morning and tiredness welcomes us to bed at night.    I hope to see you in our art travels before you leave.  There seems to be lots of time but you know how it flies especially when you have so much to do.     I also hope you can continue to post your art and let me know where you are moving to in Florida.   We visit relatives there on the east coast and this Feb we will spend some time on the west coast.     Best of luck to you and your family. JOY

    1. Thank you Joy. You have always been so kind and supportive. We will be living in Sarasota, Florida on the West coast…again probably not u til Spring. There is a lot to do between now and then, but I still can’t help but paint!

      I will make a point to go to some art receptions, though I am trying not to frame much these days as I have to skinny down my inventory.

      My Dad was a wise and happy man, so we would all do well to remember his words. Would love to see you in NJ or Florida. Be well, and thank you again for your unending support.

  2. I like how you picked up the colors of the bedspread in this painting Diane. Best Wishes on the move! Sounds like you’ve got a good grip on things. 🙂 I hope everything falls into place beautifully. I will miss seeing you. Thank you also for referring your students to me. I really appreciate it. Hugs xo Sandy

    1. Some days the grip is better than others. But I am truly excited to be moving somewhere that is sunny and warm. We’ll still be seeing each other’s work on Facebook. Can’t wait to see what happens to my work, the longer we’re down here!

  3. Lovely shell painting. You are quite right about change being inevitable. The challenges lie in how we flow with the change. Best of luck . Look forward to seeing your new work.

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