Floral Friday 11/27/15


My first Thanksgiving away from home.  That’s right….at 63 years old, I have never been away from “home” for Thanksgiving.  Granted, the “homes” were different.  Mom and Dad’s. Mine. My familys’.

This year we were in Florida.  Spending time getting our new to us villa feeling a bit like ours before we make our big move sometime next Spring.

We were not alone.  Gracious friends invited us to share their meal.  No cooking, no preparation. We showed up with wine and  gratitude.  The food was delicious, the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

Phone calls, and a beautiful flower arrangements from family did elicit a tear or two. They were all in their homes, or the homes of loved ones.  

My painting today, comes directly from the gorgeous flowers delivered to our new address by a personable young who had also resided in New Jersey years ago. A brilliant design of an arrangement, so stunning, it took me all of five minutes to pick up the paint brushes, excited to have such a vibrant subject that brought such joy.

My first Floral Friday in my new house……. my new home.

“Did You Art Today?”


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