The Connection


Commissions are a mainstay of my art life.  Painting people, dogs, cats, horses, and homes has kept me busy for many an hour.  Extricating the details, maintaining a sense of style and trying to capture the light of a soul keeps me challenged as an artist and happily painting, knowing the paintings will have their forever walL

But never has one touched me so profoundly.

Knowing this departed soul as a child, I literally felt her presence connected with me while strolling down memory lane as I painted from a charming, mysterious old black and white photo.  Wanting to make sure I captured her essence for the wonderful family I had known growing up.

I have always maintained that the connection art has given me with people is the best part of being an artist.    Reconnecting with this family when I delivered this painting with my sister, the love was palatable in the room.  Overwhelmingly beautiful.  Renewing my faith.

A huge thank you to the Keil family.  You honored me when you commissioned me to paint your sister.  May your light and love continue to shine bright so all may see and be inspired.


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