The Remedy

“Floral Friday 9/18/15”

Just finished a sweet portrait and was about to to start another commission, when I passed the flowers from last night’s event on the way back from the laundry room.  They begged me to stop and admire, reminded me of the miracle of a hydrangea.

They accompanied me into the studio.

Flower paintings….everyone’s done them, they are everywhere.  The basic of beginner watercolor. Recently, I painted a sweet little flower arrangement from flowers taken before the landscapers trimmed the bushes at the property we were staying in.  In my artist brain, I  thought it would make a lovely get well gift.  Flowers that last longer than a week.

And, as I am aging, I am, unfortunately, finding more occasion to send get well cards. And, frankly, I don’t have many small floral paintings.

So I’m going to remedy that.   Today, to give myself a break from the detail work that is a commission.  I am giving  myself the prescription to paint loose, fast, and lively.  I am going to set aside time on Fridays for what I will call “Floral Friday.”

So join along with me on Fridays.   Paint a flower,  make a request, send a picture.  It just might be the remedy to help someone smile, including yourself.


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