Tea for Three

The making of a painting.

This small, 5″ x 7″ , painting will be donated to the Woman’s Club of Medford for their upcoming Pink Tea fundraiser.  Do you give back to organizations that are important to you?  I can highly recommend the good feeling that happens when you donate your art to causes that speak to your soul.

Started with a small study in my sketchbook to work out the kinks.  My intent was to have the painting feel delicate and feminine.  After all, Woman’s Club/tea doesn’t conjure visions of big, dark and heavy.  Hence the small size for the painting.

In the study, I felt the blue background was distracting and it reminded me I wanted the middle cup to be the center of interest, so I used more detail on that cup, and used my normal wet-into-wet style to just suggest the patterns on the background cups.  
Do you do studies before you start a painting?  I must admit, I don’t always do this, but anytime I have, it reminds me of how well the time is spent.

“Did You Art Today?”


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