Every Picture Tells a Story

In class today we painted from a lovely reference photo provided by the amazing Paint My Photo site.  Each of my students had a different reaction to the photo.  

“He looks like he wants to take a walk.”  

“I think he lost his ball.”

“He’s waiting for the kids to catch up.”

Immediately the term “dog brain” popped into my head.  You know the moment.  When your dog forgets every command he’s ever learned due to some instinctual response to a bird, a deer, a squirrel, another dog, or just the scent of something interesting. So, my 8″ x 10″ watercolor painting is titled “Are You Calling Me?”

The discussion and ensuing paintings all took on a different tone.  Reminding me of how art is such a personal experience, both in the creating and on the viewing.   

What story do you see?


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