I Didn’t Have To – Final Episode

I didn’t have to paint 30 paintings in 30 days, but, t were some truly awesome outcomes from this series.

After posting one of my bird paintings on a local Facebook page, our local store, A Wild Bird Oasis, asked if I would like to bring my paintings in on a consignment basis.

Actually, I completed two other paintings on vacation, and some watercolor sketches for a commission during the challenge.

A small bird food store in NY state is possibly interested in licensing some of the images.

As I used a lot of photos from Paint My Photo, one of my images was selected to be In their Five Featured images of the day.

As of today, seven of my paintings have sold. One I could have sold twice.

I gained many new followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The support and encouragement of people I ran into later who followed along was a great encouragement. And it was a huge reminder of the great choice I made in a partner.

My husband is truly a gem for helping get my paintings done ahead of time, scouting photos for me to use, running errands and generally taking over lots of regular stuff I normally do, so I could get ahead and enjoy our vacation. His pep talk during the historic Day Twenty Five Meltdown inspired me to finish three days ahead of schedule.

Will I do it again? Stay tuned. If you asked me today, I would say no. Who knows by this time next year. Why? Because, I don’t really have to.



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