Finally Got My Farm

In an earlier life, I thought I wanted to own a farm. Complete with horses and lots of acreage. Working on the farm for twelves years where I boarded my horse changed all that.

But in a weird twist of fate, I have been awarded my farm. Burlington County Freeholders in New Jersey has a year long program for artists to capture the spirit of preserved farmland in Burlington County. My first choice was not the farm I was awarded. My farm, Johnson’s Corner in Medford, NJ, was a local farm stand turned into a mega farm, complete with tractor-pulled wagon rides to pick just about everything you can imagine. There’s a full-fledged bakery, country market with food, greenhouses, a petting zoo, and a farmland designed playground. This year they’ve added a zillion lights and use the tractors and wagons to pull amazed families through their light display. It is always brimming with families.

We are to paint our farm in as many seasons as we chose. There will be a show sometime next year. So far, here are “my farm” paintings. One of them has already found it’s forever wall.

Still need to do a fall painting and a winter painting. But I’ve some good ideas for those, and hope to complete them in the winter doldrums months.





3 thoughts on “Finally Got My Farm

  1. I love your style of painting and of course your drawing is excellent.  I remember that you emphasized in class how impt drawing is.   You are so good at  drawing.  Of course I know Johnson’s farm and you do it justice .  .Keep up the good work. JOY    

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