A Joy Forever


Excited to announce that my “Goldfinch on Hydrangea” painting took third place in a contest entitled A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever on the Fine Art America website. With over 1,000 image entries, the subjects were as varied as they were beautiful.

What’s your personal joy? Obviously my painting must have fallen into a number of people’s definitions of beauty.

But, what about the joy part? What truly brings you joy? Your children, a fresh cup of coffee sitting in the morning air, the smile of your lover, good health, spending time with loved ones?

Serious or simple, do we savor? Have you stopped to define and really experience joy?

So today, during the daily rushing that we define as life, I challenge you to stop. State your joy, and take a breath. Enjoy, appreciate, be thankful.

Perhaps that’s the universal appeal of some art. Expressing that moment of beauty, reminding people of joy.

Joining you in my challenge today, when I pick up my paintbrush, I will pause, pray and rejoice in my joy, allowing it to sing in my soul.

Wishing you the same.

“Did you Art today” ™


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