WINNER – 2013 People’s Choice Awards

Winter Chickadee
Winter Chickadee
Well you’ve gone and done it again. Picked a People Choice winner from the paintings I did in 2013.

First a big thank you to all who voted. There were 41 voters compared to 29 last year. Voting was spread across 23 paintings.

Thanks for giving me lots to think about. Last year’s winner was a winter bird scene also. Wonder if I did the contest in the summer if the choice would have been different? Several people, who shall remain nameless, voted for more than one. Saying they couldn’t pick one, you should know, I picked for them. Used the first painting they listed. Next year, should I have a first, second, and third place category? Which paintings didn’t get selected at all? Looking at the stats has helped me know my art is reaching more people.

But the best part is learning the personal stories that come along with the votes. Reminding me again of the personal nature of art. Painting is a life work, but knowing a painting can strike a memory or evoke a feeling, helps me to understand that paintings appeal for very intimate reasons. And not often what I would have imagined.

Two commissions came in second (Dottie) and third (Digger). Last year one commission came in third. It appears that when you take the time to get a good picture of your pet, the resulting painting is something special.

Again, a great big thanks for taking the time to vote. The winner of the drawing for the signed print of last year’s painting winner was Carolyn Jones from Sleepy Cat Jewelry. A local jewelry artist, I was thrilled when her number was picked.

Dottie - Private collection
Dottie – Private collection

Digger - Private Collection
Digger – Private Collection


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