Your Vote Counts – People’s Choice Awards 2013

Happy New Year friends, fans and followers. Commissions, vacations and some winter colds have kept the studio a bit quiet, so I’m going to make up for my lack of blogs with a whopper.

It’s time to pick your favorite painting from Wallace Studios for 2013. As this was my first year as a full-time artist, there are lots of choices (hoping they’re all here). I’ve tried to put them in groupings to make it a little easier. So grab a cup of tea or coffee and take a peak. To vote, just leave a comment here, there (facebook) or anywhere, or send me an email.

For your time and trouble if you take the time to vote, you’ll be entered to win a print of last year’s People Choice Award “Winter Finches” which can be found here

Voting will end on February 21st. Thanks for helping me and yes, you can only pick one…


ANIMALS, BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES (including commissions)




24 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts – People’s Choice Awards 2013

  1. Hard choices here. I love Hydrangeas, Mom Flowers and Splattered Rose . . . and the Winter Chickadee. How to vote? How to vote? Oh, but there’s Old Soul, too! I think I just like your work too much to choose. Hmmmm . . . Mom Flowers . . . Final Answer 🙂

  2. All the paintings are wonderful. Each one I like for different reasons. I like the bird and animal paintings the best. Very hard to pick just one. So my favorite is Digger – I absolutely love it!

    1. Your Digger painting has two other votes. I’m always amazed when people vote for commissions, as I think they’re so personal. However, I think his personality just shines through in that painting. Hoping you, Sam and Digger are getting through the winter o.k.

  3. I have to go with Winter Chickadee. Reminds me of a wood-carving a friend of my dad’s gave him when I was young. It was always on display under glass in our living room and I loved the detail. Thanks for bringing back the memories! Great work all around!

    1. Thanks for your vote, Jeff. Love hearing from everyone about their selection process. Reminds me of just how personal art can be for everyone. Give my regards to everyone, and remind them to stay safe out there.

  4. So many to choose from but Blue really pops off the page for me. Elaine and I want you and Jim to be our guests in Rock Hall sometime and perhaps do a seascape of the view from our place. That would be a winner.

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