The Business of Art

Blue 16 x 20 watercolor - Private collection

Just delivered the “Blue” the above painting to its happy new owner.

Learning about the business of being an artist is never ending.

Learning with each new commission. From Blue comes the lesson I need to give myself a deadline, even if the client doesn’t care when they get their painting. Looking back at my records, she originally commissioned it in August! Normally, I do my commissions as quickly as I can…..but I made the mistake of listening to my client. She wasn’t in any rush, so neither was I. It went on the board, and I’d work on other projects as there wasn’t any deadline. From now on, all commissions get a date to be accomplished by – even if it’s self-imposed.

Learning to keep in contact with my clients. Right after finishing the sketch for the painting, my client reached out with another photo, asking if I thought that one would produce a better painting. As I hadn’t started the actual painting yet, it was no big deal. And we ended up keeping the original plan. But, if I had given it a deadline, it would have already been done. If I’d given her a heads up when I started the sketch, she would have known.

Is it time to to consider a commission agreement? Learning that even though I still feel like a kid playing in the studio, this is a business after all.


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