What goes around…

4" x 6" watercolor - Private Collection
4″ x 6″ watercolor – Private Collection

Watercolor 4" x 6" Private Collection
Watercolor 4″ x 6″ Private Collection

Paying it Forward or Giving Back. No matter what you call it, I can highly recommend you give it a try.

Make no mistake about it, my artwork is my livelihood. But a commitment I made during the year on a Facebook page recently has had me paying it forward.

In addition to sending my friend her painting, I’ve donated a painting to our local Art Center, painted a small cat portrait for one of the participants in the Pay it Forward Challenge (she cried when I dropped it off). Offered drawing lessons to two others and sent a donation to Twitter for their Annual Art Exhibit.

So what happened next? I’ve been contacted by someone interested in joining my watercolor class, have won a prize for a painting, and have had six holiday commissions show up. Two of these commissions are from a complete stranger (up until now).

So if you think it doesn’t come around, I’d suggest you try your own experiment. Give someone something. Randomly, just for the joy. And let me know your results!


3 thoughts on “What goes around…

  1. For a while I was putting out “Haiku – O – Grams” a small piece of art with a haiku on it for someone random to find. Must get back to that!! Made me happy to imagine someone stumbling upon a little art on a bad day.

  2. Diane,

    Funny you should mention giving for the pleasure of it.   A high school friend is coming over in a few weeks to choose one of my paintings.   I am so glad she wants one.    It is my gift to her.   Let’s see what it leads to. JOY

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