Detail - Foley Beach - Private collection
Detail – Foley Beach – Private collection

We don’t get to pick our biological sisters – but I sure got lucky with mine. She’s a sister and best friend all rolled into one. Keeping me grounded and encouraging my craziness, with enough honestly to tell me when I’m really off the grid. She can handle a good cry and a good vent, knowing it’ll all result in laughter a couple days later.

But there are other sisters in our lives. Met through work, and influences outside of our family. I used to believe we selected them. Now I believe they’re chosen for us, for what we need at that moment. Some staying for short periods, others twining through the years, steady or returning occassionally as if they’d never left.

Equestrian sisters have mingled through my love of horses. Work mates became sister mates long after the jobs were over. Art sisters who inspire our creativity and connect through the marks we make on our paper, and the conversations we share.

Chosen sisters versus biological sisters. Important and appreciated as much as that woman with whom I’ve shared my entire life.

Today while watching an art sister cry through her grief, my heart broke. Making me realize we’re all family…..even if not physically related by blood.


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