Art Journaling

Not sure how I ended up at Artistic Art Workshops’ website. But I’d like to send you there also.

My younger years were spent keeping diaries. (Shredding them years ago, as they seemed a waste of space that kept me in the past.) Combining visual images with words, I’ve tried Art Journaling, before. But a sort of perfectionism set in quickly. Words or images would come, but usually not together. The beautiful, large, mixed media journal I had purchased to start this path went back in the pile with the other sketchbooks.

For the past two weeks I have been using Shelley Klammer’s Deepening Creativity method found on the website linked above. The simplicity is it’s beauty. A notebook or sketchbook, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and a pen. Three images, one word and 10 minutes. That’s it.

It’s instinctual. You allow your insides to pick. No thinking, just whatever visually appeals to you. And then you ask “What does this collage say to me?”

Shelley Klammer suggests meditating or waiting to the end of the day to write your thoughts about your image. That doesn’t work for me, as they come quickly, so I glue them down and write immediately. And, I’ll admit, somedays I might have more than three images or more than one word. (Yeah, I’m such a rebel.)

Ms. Klammer sends a thought-provoking email about every other day. I find myself looking forward to her emails. And I really look forward to my journal time each day.

To put it simply, this process totally changed my perspective on one day in particular. The revelation made me laugh out loud about something I’d thought I always believed! On another day, Ms. Klammer’s email touched on exactly what I had journaled about earlier that morning.

While my written journal is far too personal to share on this blog, I’ve included some of my favorite images. Most of my material comes from the “to do” pile next to my computer, the junk mail, or a pile of incomplete paintings.

The Deepening Creativity e-class is free and offered on the website on the right hand side bar. Even if you’re not an artist, or writer looking to deepen your creativity, I’m thinking you’d probably learn an awful lot about yourself. And, it’s a great way to recycle. Please check it out.


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