Special Place

Edwin B. Forsythe - Watercolor $200 unframed
Edwin B. Forsythe – Watercolor $200 unframed

With the skyline of Atlantic City as a backdrop, Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge provides a safe and wonderful oasis for wildlife and humans. About an hour from our home, it is our “go to” on a beautiful day. Walk the trails, or drive the wildlife loop. Birdwatching is usully our top priority. But lunch eaten in the car overelooking Gull Pond is magical. The afternoon light brings a golden glow to the marsh grasses, and combined with a clear blue sky the visual beauty can send shivers down my spine.

Winter brings snow geese with a vibration that has to be felt to understand. Spring is the lovely migration of warblers. Summer means no leaving the car for fear of being carried away by the bugs, but shorebirds test (and admittedly frustrate occasionally) my skills in identifying these seemingly all too alike creatures. And fall, with it’s color and Marsh Hawks sweeping low over the grases makes me long to be able to fly.

Always filled with the unexpected, the delight, I feel like I’m whole, at peace and at home. When we pull into the parking lot, the expansive, sweeping view of wetlands and the wildlife loop brings a collective sigh from both of us.

What is the draw? Is it the physical beauty? The delight in the possibility of the unexpected that keeps you so in tune to the present moment. Perhaps the diversity? Or the fact that it brings me back to the beauty of the day that’s been given to me.

When we listen to our souls, our special places become ingrained in our blood like DNA. Bringing us back again and again. Where do you go to experience the “special”? My hope is that you’re heading there soon.


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