Creatively Connected?

Watercolor - Private collection
Watercolor – Private collection

She sat demurely on the bench with her computer notebook drawing a rudimentary rabbit in bright primary colors. Surrounded by adults, she looked small, out of place and insignificant. The reception was an awards presentation at the local art show.

Always on the lookout for an opportunity to encourage creativity, I complimented her on her drawing. Asking her if her mother or father had a painting in the show, her father told me she was the model for the gorgeous pencil drawing that her grandmother had done. It had received a second place in the show and you could see why. Love permeated the soft drawing. The judge’s comment: “Ringlets in hair make you long to run your fingers through it.”

Charmed by her heart-shaped face, and feeling an inexplicable need to make the evening less boring for her, I suggested she look around the room, find her favorite painting and try to draw it. Her mother was thrilled, and encouraged her to leave her seat to begin the discovery.

Later I watched her standing proudly with her computer, drawing her rendition of a large watercolor still life. Her confidence amidst this room of elders made me smile. The need to create had once again prevailed, removing barriers and connecting across all ages.

When her grandmother discovered what she was up to, I could see the genuine surprise and laughter in their exchange. It turned out the piece the child had unknowingly picked to replicate, was another piece in the show which had been done by her grandmother.

I believe, we’re all connected on some level….but that night was an especially wonderful example.


2 thoughts on “Creatively Connected?

    1. Thankk you Mary Ann – makes me happy to know someone smiles when they read these! We’re all creaative, we just show it differently!

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