Summertime Wane

Watercolor 10" x 14"
Watercolor 10″ x 14″

After spending the weekend at the beach with dear friends, this morning broke gray and chilly. Our summer days are numbered. And despite calls for high temperatures and higher humidity later this week, the change of season and movement of time is prevalent in my thoughts.

For several friends and family, it has been a difficult summer as far too many souls have passed.  Far too many from serious, and long-term, devastating illness. Changes that bring grief to the hearts of loved ones, have all too often brought freedom to those who have suffered. On some days, my reflections have been sad and tear filled.  As we age, these passings become far more numerous.  An explanation mark on thoughts of mortality.  Thankfully, my happy soul knows how to find it’s way back to the light. I pick up a paintbrush.

For my class this morning I concocted a light and breezy lesson. We used my limited palette of four colors (Daniel Smith’s Cadmium yellow, Quinacridone Rose, Quinacridone Sienna, and Pthalo Blue) thinned with water and put in spray bottles. Stencils, doilies, wallboard tape and anything else that would make a negative painting did the rest. Leaving a rectangle of white by covering it with a matboard, we sprayed, dribbled then allowed our paper to dry. That done we pondered where to put our drawing on the paper we had just created. Breaking boundaries and painting over our original creation.

Some artificial lemons, a colorful pitcher, and a spunky plastic glass with a straw made up our still life. Lemonade. The quintessential summer drink. It, too, seems to disappear, with the end of summer.

My normal saturated colors were overpowering the lovely background I created, so I quickly diluted to a softer version of my normal. The under painting (or under spraying) came through and left light and luminosity. Just what we needed to brighten the mood, to help us enjoy the gift of the day.

“Summertime Wane” feels ethereal, ghost-like, quiet, yet in it’s softer color, it shimmers. To one accustomed to saturated colors slinging from my brush, it is a bit of a respite.  Summertime is waning, but this year, it’s memory has been put to paper.


2 thoughts on “Summertime Wane

    1. Lovely post. I, too, felt a bit of sadness yesterday. But, I’m always excited by change, so I don’t often need courage to face it…..perhaps just a bit of patience in dealing with it. Looking forward to what the muse within will come up with today!

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