Take the Present

We had terrible, nasty thunderstorms this morning, complete with flooded roadways, so I cancelled my normal Tuesday morning drawing class.    Less money this week to buy art supplies, but a whole morning I could spend in the studio!

Three commissions sit “On the Board” in my studio.   One has a great start, but I needed the computer in order to check the direction of the sun on this pretty property.  My recent “touching” experience including computers and thunderstorms is still a bit fresh, so I decided that wasn’t an option.

Yes, I could have started the next commission. But, bouncing around had been this idea for artwork for my bathroom that started with the Rose of Sharon bush blooming by the back porch.  There were even two perfect frames waiting for this personal project to get off the ground.

The logical side of me said to get started on the second commission.  The creative side told me this morning was a gift.  So I took the present!

The benefit:  With the “nagging” gone, I’ll be able to focus my full attention on the commissions!

Did you give yourself a present today?


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