Happy Summer Sunflowers

Acrylic on Paper, 22″ x 30″, $450.

Our town had their Thursday Stroll last evening. Hubby was at a meeting. Not really needing anything, I found myself enticed by pictures posted on Facebook of some lovely sunflowers on sale from our local florist, Medford Florist and Gift. Parking in front of NJBalance & Wellness, I stopped in to see Susan to get an Angel Card reading to help me understand the meaning of the “touch of the angels” disguised in the form of an electric surge from the lightning.

She advised I was to make my plans, fertilize my fields and remember to give it up to God. To stop the worry, to stop thinking I can control it. Normally good at staying in the moment, I’d gotten myself into a frenzy the morning of the storm. Worrying about losing electricity, my husband’s trip to Trenton. She kindly explained, I was just peeling back another layer, and to continue on my path.

Stopping by the florist always makes me happy. Simon, the delightful owner brings a smile just thinking about his lovely British accent. Such eye candy are his floral arrangements. He helped me pick my sunflowers (of which one was dropped back at NJBalance & Wellness for her assistance).

Summer is here, I’m feeling back to myself, with another lesson learned under my belt.

Happy Summer Sunflowers is huge compared to my normal paintings. Painted with acrylics in the kitchen standing at an easel. Not my normal procedure. But these golden petals called to be painted that way. And if I am aware of nothing else on this first glorious day of summer, I am indeed going to listen .


2 thoughts on “Happy Summer Sunflowers

  1. I really love your work. When I first visited your site I said that your paintings made me feel like painting again. I wish I lived close enough to take one of your classes.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I, too, wish you lived closer as I love to teach and help people express their creativity. You could try checking you tube for tutorials. One of my faves is Susan Couch. Keep searching around….there’s a reason you want to paint again!

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