May the Angels Watch Over You.


My first painting of 2013, Wishful Thinking, sold at my opening reception. Sold to someone I’d never met. She was visitng the Palmyra Cove Nature Center, I believe to birdwatch. She was buying the painting for a newborn’s christening. The gift would be accompanied by a card that stated “Every young woman needed a start to her art collection.” And what better piece of art than a Guardian Angel. May she watch over this blessed young woman.

The show, the reception all felt like a great accomplishment. Lots of work in framing and planning, lots of schlepping of paintings and food for the reception. All culminated in a day filled with friends old and new, family, collectors, and the meeting of complete strangers. As most of you know, nine of my thirty-three paintings have found their forever walls.

Afterwards I was pretty busy with the mundane of art. Invoices, finishing more framing, and starting to wonder: “What’s next”. A commission on the desk, a hallway show in the summer (Do I have enough paintings now?) Will have to get the paintings delivered at the end of the month, I need to paint some more, where was the receipt for that frame……

One day I was stopped in my tracks by a bird at the feeder. Bigger than most, eyestripe, striped chest. Binos, then scope confirmed a female redwinged blackbird. Not a common visitor to the feeders. Oooops, what’s that flittering in the back corner – yellow, tail wagging – palm warbler – first of year warbler. Good heavens is that a turkey back there – yes it is. And the birds kept coming. An hour and a half later I realized I’d set a record for the number of birds I’d seen in my yard.

Since my resignation from my “day” job, birds and angels have merged together in my new found path. When the birds beckon at the feeders, I stop what I’m doing. It’s as though they are sent to remind me of the beauty of my life. No schedules. The freedom is mine. In the “message of the feather” I take time for the present. And in doing so nourish my soul, fuel my creativity and gratitude.

Do they watch over you?


3 thoughts on “May the Angels Watch Over You.

    1. Thank you Studio Buda. I used Daniel Smith waterccolors with a very limited palette. This is mostly Pthalo Blue, Quinacridone Rose and Quinacridone Sienna…..maybe a light layer of cad yellow in the highlights. Appreciate your looking at my work.

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