IMG_5657This morning a call from my sister included a reminder about an upcoming birthday that I had forgotten.

Into the studio I fled. Simply stated, I just cannot send a card that I haven’t made. But there was a bit of a time constraint on this one.

Out came the box of “practice” paintings, the scissors and my sweet Xylon tape runner. The first painting I grabbed was perfect. Some cute flowers but terrible composition, heavy looking foliage and just plain unattractive – except for certain parts. Painted in Hawaii, the low humidity made my usual wet-into-wet painting difficult and this small painting was proof positive. Chopping out the flower, and another bud with my sharp pointed scissors, I also found some scrap book paper that shared the palette. Boom, bang, bing, I had a card. And in fact, I made two more for the future.

A rewarding, quick project, I felt like a kid, cutting and pasting. It helped to prune the bin of practice paintings, and I hope it will be appreciated by the receivee.

What do you do with your practice paintings?


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