“Learnin” on Mother’s Day



The homework assignment for my class last week was to make a thank you card for your mother.  Simple, uncomplicated, even a word, a thought.  Just something for which you felt you hadn’t thanked your Mom.  And if you weren’t quite sure what to do, just ask your Mom.  She’d surely tell you what to do.  As, for the most part, we all had Mom’s who had passed,  we all shed some tears considering our assignment .

On this day, we can’t help but remember our Moms.  After my mother’s stroke and extended hospital stay, she landed in a nursing home, unable to speak much, or take care of herself.  Through my father’s love and support, her strength and determination, and miracles that occur daily, she left the nursing home after about 8 months and cooked us Thanksgiving dinner.

When she passed I found myself unable to draw.  It was the weirdest thing.  Drawing is a part of who I am.  As I sat on the back porch trying to find my new self without a mother, I attempted to draw the birdbath.  There was an unbelievable inability to make the pencil do what I knew it could.  Had my creativity gone with her?  Dumbfounded, grief had taken a toll I’d never expected.

It was several months before I started “Learnin”. Until I was searching for a title, I didn’t realize I’d chosen a mare and her foal.  I was so grateful to have gotten back “on the horse” and my leather paintings would completely take over my days, eating up time. They often took between 80 and 100 hours to complete.  A type of meditation.  Those who know me personally, know that patience is not my main strength.

And, while I thought I never thanked my Mom for my creativity, there’s a little voice straight from my heart this morning telling me I really did say thank you.  And it’s repeated every time I pick up my paintbrush.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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