Watercolor 9" x 12" $150.00
Watercolor 9″ x 12″ $150.00

Almost Spring….oh so good.  Workshops have been the theme for the month.  Unlike any work I’ve done before.

Recently taught a fun beginner drawing workshop.  After my workshop (which contained a few surprises), there were six more people (o.k. a few were ringers) who had drawn the watering can set in front of them.  Always a good feeling.

My longtime group of students and I are working on a collage. That inspired some new paintings with a collage feel.  The above watercolor is my second along those lines.  Liking the textures and freedom to add whatever I want.  Your thoughts?

And then there’s the Strathmore Artist Papers workshop I’m taking.  Videos by Robert Joyner are fresh, inspiring and exactly the way I like to paint.  But it’s a change up for me, using acrylics, charcoal, artist crayons and ink.  As I didn’t have all of the supplies I needed, I just did with what I had.  I’m addicted.  In the past week, I’ve done at least three paintings that I like.  (And, OK, there were several that have been disasters….but that’s how we learn.)

Acrylic on Paper
Acrylic on Paper
Acrylic binoculars
Acrylic binoculars
Acrylic on Paper
Acrylic on Paper

So seriously, who came up with the name “Workshop”?  More like “Playshop” to me.


5 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hi – just found your site via Strathmore – I used to be bale to comment but for some reason now can’t so it’s lovely to be ale to say i love your paintings! They really have the life that the abstract style Robert’s teaching us seems to give the subjects – love them all.

      1. Dot – Thanks – I am having so much fun doing these paintings. My watercolor style has always been loose, but now I’m just loving these acrylics. Thanks for finding me and taking the time to write. I haven’t quite figure out Strathmore’s system yet, and while I can make some comments, I can’t figure out how to friend people or even find the forums. However, I’m excited to try the “latest” water/boat workshop. Thanks again. Happy arting!

  2. Hi Dot thank you for leaving your blog on Strathmore’s workshop. I must find time this week for Robert’s exercises.

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