Open the Door to Winter

Winter Chickadee copyright 2013 


We are expecting a cold spell to start tomorrow.  Already bracing myself.  Fall was grey, overcast, and dull.  Winter has been the same. But not particularly cold.  The lack of sunshine has been disheartening, though I’m appreciative the snow blower has remained in it’s tidy little corner.  Tomorrow I will open the door, catch my breath. Somehow I’ve started feeling the chill this evening.

Winter is not my season, but in my year of Joyous Living,  I am consciously finding beauty.  Staying busy, staying joyful.  There is grateful work to be done.  Lesson plans for this week’s classes.  Business plans and strategies for Wallace Studios.  Value studies for my next painting.  And the neverending decluttering (which I believe should have it’s own season.)

The stark beauty of the leafless trees makes birdwatching particularly easy.  The birds are consistent – no migratory guessing here.  Just our winter residents.   Their shapes, colors and behaviors are so familiar I barely need the binoculars to see who is visiting.

Last week, through the silver fog, the snow geese appeared like graceful angels overhead.  If they hadn’t been honking, their soft shapes would have gone unnoticed. Not regular winter visitors, on that particular morning fate conspired that our paths would cross as I opened the door to witness their simple beauty. Nice blessing.

When my students arrive tomorrow, they will bring the biting cold through the front door.  Brrrrr, bring this winter on. I will be ready to greet it with friendship, laughter and art. And in that spirit, Joy will warm our souls.




One thought on “Open the Door to Winter

  1. Hi Dee!! Happy Winter!! I’m thrilled about your Personal Art Show! I too am technologically challenged…so thank you for braving this frontier. As I expected, the selection of just one was very challenging, however, I narrowed it down to two and then to one…the winner is Chincoteague Pony #3. The way you captured the emotion of the mother and its colt with the palette softness brought a smile from ear to ear. I was also taken back in memory to many a wonderful time spent on both Chincoteague and Assateague. Thank you for that and for invitation to participate. Keep creating!!

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