Angels Welcome 2013 with Joy and Trust

AngelEvery year I pick a word to represent my intentions for the upcoming 365 days.  Last year my word was Fork… in “put a fork in it, I’m done”.  Decided I was at the age where things that did not fit into my life needed to leave.   It’s the reason I quit my “regular” job in May.  The next seven months were interesting, fun and extremely rewarding emotionally and creatively.

This year I’ve chosen the word Joy.  I now have my life ahead to continue in this direction.  That feels joyful.

Angel cards are also picked on New Years Eve.  The angels this year chose for me “Trust”.

Joy and Trust .  Nice words to  launch a new year.  I like them.

My first finished painting.  This painting is small, about 8″ x 5″.  It painted itself easily and happily in front of my students as a demonstration.  To me she looks wistful dreamy, peaceful, floating and full of hope.

I’ll trust that will bring joy.


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