Simple – Good or Bad?

Watercolor 10" x 7" $50.00
Watercolor 10″ x 7″ $50.00

At a recent holiday party held by a dear friend, she introduced me as an artist.  When asked my medium and specialty, I also added that I used the KISS approach to my paintings.  My friend gasped and added that my art was anything but simple.

To me simple is indicated by my limited palette, allowing my paint to mix on the paper. The use of as few brush strokes as possible on a wet-into-wet surface.  My planning ahead of time.  My intimate familiarity with those luscious, four colors.  My sure, expressive brush strokes.  I believe this approach has allowed my love of life, and all things beautiful to shine through into my subject.  And so I explained to the new souls who entered my life, and to this sweet soul who has known me for so long.

My friend’s perception of simple was childish art. She felt I was doing myself a disservice by describing my work using that word.  It had never occurred to me someone could take it as a negative.  It had never occurred to her that it could be positive.

In this season of excess, I’ve been acutely aware of simple joys.  We have downsized our holiday decorations.  Those retained shine as the centerpiece of our home.  Our gifts this year are simple and will contain memories, versus stuff.  And from where I sit in my life, simple is a joy itself, a very good thing.

Whether simple connotes good or bad in your perception, I hope you might take just a minute out of your busy holiday schedules to ponder how we all see things so very differently.


6 thoughts on “Simple – Good or Bad?

  1. I love simple…..the older we get the more we appreciate the finer things in life. Friends, family, the beauty of nature. I totally get your idea of “simple”, free from vanity or pretense. Enjoy the season! Love, M

    1. Thanks Margo – I know you’ve got lots of family to surround yourselves with love this season. Enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

    1. Thank you. My paintings seem to be more about the “feel” of the object, scene, or animal. But it’s nice to hear what detail I put in is seen.

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