Tan Grapes

8″ x 10″ acrylic on paper $75

A group I belong to on Facebook recently had a cute post regarding how to name your band.  You took the color of the pants you were wearing (in my case, tan) and added the last thing you’d eaten (grapes.)  Hence the title of my post.  Some of the combinations were very funny.  I found mine a little boring.  Which leads us to dressage.  This Olympic sport has been labeled elitist, made fun of by Steve Colbert, and for those not of the equestrian ilk is about as exciting as watching grass grow.  It takes enormous amounts of money, and commitment. The result, is measured in the fact it’s supposed to look like you’re not doing anything!

During a class this week, we were a little over zealous in putting acrylic paint on a palette.  Being the child of depression-era parents, I grabbed a brush, some acrylic paper and a photo from a dressage exhibition I’d gone to see recently.  No preliminary sketch, just hit the paper with the paint. (So much for my structure!)  I liked the horse pretty much, but when it came to the background, my mind flashed to the Facebook page and this little game.  Let’s marry two totally unrelated objects.  The structured elegance of dressage against the backdrop of some funky colors and abstract designs.

Just goes to prove, you never know where you’ll find your inspiration.

FYI – Charlotte Dujardin and Valego from Great Britain took the Gold in Individual Dressage.  Someone on that Facebook page is going to like that!


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