The Awwww Commission

This year, I combined our annual Independence Day Barbeque with an art show.

Showcasing the works of all my students, I used a simple display of their work bordered with black posterboard.  Hanging them on the screened-in porch where the food was served ensured maximum exposure.  All, but one of my students was at the party. Everyone wore nametags and my students were listed as artists, so they could be easily identified with the work.  Even my studio was open for inspection.  As Nellie was the commission I was working on, she held a prominent spot on my art desk.   While she still needed  work, she was certainly recognizable as an English Sheepdog.

The prevailing comment from everyone who visited my studio was “Awwwww, she’s so cute.”

And cute she was. A pleasure to paint with all those curls, fluffs and strands of fur.  Her likeness delighted and amused everyone at my BBQ.  I knew I was on the right track with the painting.  She’s exactly that way in real life.

Thank you to my clients, Cathy and Glenn.  May she continue to delight!


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