Burning Bright.

My latest commission, Tiger, 16″ x 20″.

As I approached the glass front doors, his imposing bark and large frame made me wonder if my offer to take photos was a mistake.  Perhaps she had a shot of him which would work for his painting.  I grew up with German Shepards, but this guy was imposing.  She shooed him away and I entered cautiously, clutching my camera bag.

It wasn’t necessary.  After a sweet greeting with much tail wagging, he plopped in his favorite spot in the kitchen.  I could see the painting before I’d even finished taking pictures.

While this beautiful creature has the size and looks of a warrior, he is a pussycat.  Tiger is the perfect name.

Thank you Karen S. for your commitment to the arts.  Thank you Tiger.  Your sweet, bright, and gentle nature was a pleasure to paint and a reminder that we should withhold our judgements until we can see the light.


One thought on “Burning Bright.

  1. Diane – we are absolutely thrilled with our painting of Tiger – it captures his personality so perfectly. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful treasure!! Karen

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