Thank you bloggers!

Surprise – there’s usually a piece of artwork at the top of my page.

Inspired by Art Biz’s Coach Alyson Stanfield,, I’ve decided my studio needs a Visual Project Board to keep myself together.

Commissions, projects, ideas, blogging, bookkeeping, shipping, etc.  This new life is way different than heading to the office, knowing what needs to be done. Being a visual person, I like written lists. The Visual Project Board featured a piece of foam core, some pretty erasers and different colors for each item.  I was headed to the store.

But, I also subscribe to the Minimalist Blog.  Trying to make this a Grand Summer based on this blog – The Summer of 1000 Things Challenge.  Specifically, I am trying to eliminate these 1000 things from my studio.  So I did not want to add more to a room I was trying to declutter.

My studio is a 10 x 11 bedroom with a modified closet, some terrific “closet furniture” that DH put together.  Coordinated cabinets, and drawers ring the room.  It’s visually pleasing, and you would think provides good storage, and flat space.  But now that I’m in it more often, it’s feeling cramped.  Been pinning my “I Can See it Studio” but we did major home renovations about 3 years ago, and in this economy, I do not see us putting any more money into expansion.

Some of you who read my blog, know that I give paintings that don’t “make it” to my Fellow Creator, Charlotte who uses them to package her gorgeous jewelry.  She’s also a lovely writer and wrote about our collaboration in Of Creative Ideas and Up-Cycling and Art . . ..  Finding a home for these practice pieces has been a HUGE help in my clean up.  And, Charlotte, I have a bag for you when you come to the party!  And, I’ve also been recycling pieces of paintings into greeting cards/collages that I’ll show you a little later.  I’ve been working on my version of the Grand Slam Summer for about a week.  Only up to 88, but I’m hoping to pick up the pace!

Finding the two tablets of graph paper I used when we did the renovation was a Godsend. (The second was probably purchased when I couldn’t find the first one!) So here is my version of a Visual Project Board.  Had the clipboard, the graph charts will use up some paper and I did not add to any of the clutter in my studio.  Love those win-win situations.  To all the bloggers – you have no idea how your words can affect someone.  Thank you!



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