Spinning II

Second in a series.

This is my second painting in this series, but frankly, I’m worried. Am I spinning a little too much?

Since I’ve started this series:

1. A plastic lawn chair spit out from under me at a horse show (yes, I know I need to lose weight).

2.  Pulled my shoulder badly – though it’s better now.

3.  Had a pair of pointy decoupage scissors drop point-first into a vein on my foot, leaving blood all over my studio while I applied pressure until hubby could come to the rescue.

4.  Dropped and broke a watering can that I’ve had for decades,

5.  Been bitten by something that has left a honking bump and red mark on my shoulder.

6.  Smashed the same shoulder I hurt earlier while rushing around the corner in the hallway…..guess it moved a bit since the last time I went that way.

I’ll admit to feeling a dash of craziness/dizziness during this transition from “safe” job to “life” job.  How could I not?  The possibilities for the day ahead are endless!

The reference photo for this painting was of a calm, know-his-job gelding who performed his spins like ballet.  Practiced, perfect, fast but focused.

Another lesson from my art?


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