Life in Motion

First painting in my second series!

After deciding to do some series work in between my commissions, I couldn’t help painting this for a themed show at the Medford Art Center.  Exhibition is entitled Balls, Balls, Balls……a clever title for a sports-themed show for the summer.  Artwork propped against the wall when I dropped this off looked fun colorful and full of life.  Looking forward to seeing the completed show when it’s hung.

In actuality, I guess I’ve started my second series after only finishing one painting for my first series.  Kind of confusing….Ah, well, the freedom of this new life seemes to have a life of it’s own.  How nice!


3 thoughts on “Life in Motion

  1. I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog. I am curious to know (and no reason why you should tell unless you want to) whether your polo horses series are from photographs or directly from life. The challenge of the latter has been brought very much to my attention recently and I certainly do rely on photographic notes for studio paintings. The painting here has a feel of dynamism that makes me think it is direct from life. Either way, nice series.

    1. The polo horse series will be from photographs, as is the one in this blog. I always sketch at the matches and horseshows; however, my sketches never quite have the “feel” of a match or a reining event, etc. Maybe i’ll have to try something like your air currents only with my beloved watercolors! Also, I spent 12 years working at the stable where I kept my horse, and we were not above having a match of broom polo occasionally on a Sunday morning. Thanks for your kind words.

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