The Magic Kingdom

We just spent a week on vacation.  No Disney involved.

Near a lake, in an area not far, but so completely different from our home on the edge of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  It was a quiet, lovely week.  Reading, sketching, walking, watching the sunset, talking, laughing and enjoying the days despite some clouds and showers.  Capped by a spectacular dinner at a restaurant with a rather amazing waterfall to complement our dinner conversation.  Glass House Wine & Bistro Bar at the Ledges Hotel (See my Blogroll for a link).

We found a walking trail along a river near a small town.  Lush, verdant, freshly mowed paths were cradled between the hills.  The first pair of blue birds took my breath away. (Prior to heading on vacation, I had painted the above bluebird from a photo I’d found – synchronicity?)  A blue so stunning even my favorite Daniel Smith watercolors, fresh from the tube, seemed wishy washy.  Mesmerized, jewel-toned, the blue was so saturated I could barely keep the binoculars on them.  And, they were everywhere.  Blue streaks before my eyes like ribbons flew.

Baltimore Orioles, often perched at the tree tops against a blue sky background proving the color theory that complementary colors sing when placed next to each other.  Common Merganzer Momma in the river with her five babies appearing to walk on water trying to keep up with her in the current.  We watched from behind waist-high purple and white wildflowers, keeping our distance in order to not interfere.  Yellow warblers flitted through the trees like free canaries, calling loudly as we disturbed them.  Navy sequined Tree Swallows sparkled with iridescence in the sun as they returned to their nest boxes.  Orange butterflies, yellow butterflies, black and blue butterflies.  Colors so vivid, they put a graffiti artist to shame.  The sounds of river and birdsong more beautiful than an orchestra.

Inspiration, exhilaration.

Disney makes a fortune from the Magic Kingdom.  I am driven to make art.


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