The New “Regular”

Well, I’ve gone and done it.  Quit my regular part-time job.  You know the job.  The one that keeps you in art supplies.  Cut the cord to a “regular” paycheck, and “regular” hours.  As I am not the major breadwinner in my home, you would have thought this would have been a simple decision.  But the truth is, it wasn’t.

Not sure why it was so difficult.  Was I just so very comfortable in my “regular” job. The thought of being in charge of your own day sounds nice, but there’s no one to blame now.  No timeclock, no deadlines, no structure. Can I keep myself away from the window when the birds beckon, or when the whimsey strikes to do some weeding?  A notorious daydreamer, I’ve got a box full of ideas just waiting to be painted, made or cajoled out of a scrap of something.  Can I keep a “regular” schedule of painting and teaching? Is the creative spirit strong enough?

The last time I tried to pull off an art career, I wound up talking to the cat.  She is not nice.  The conversation stopped dead when I realized I was waiting for her opinion on an area of my painting.  Recognizing the craziness of that conversation, I found a part-time job.  Hoping this time the social interactions which come along with teaching will keep that problem at bay.

The other evening after my resignation, on a whim, I had a delightful woman read my angel cards.  She was very positive.  And, I have received another commission, have a possible new student for part of the summer, and have been requested to give a drawing workshop to a group of friends.  I honestly believe I can teach most anyone to draw if they want to learn.

So armed with good news from the angel cards, a renewed faith in my creativity, and my optimistic outlook, I am ready and excited for a new “regular” in my life.  And I am certainly armed with the knowledge that the cat doesn’t care about my paintings.

Drawing lessons anyone?


8 thoughts on “The New “Regular”

    1. Thanks – Just back from a vacation and will get onto the One Lovely Blog Award idea in a bit. Thanks so much….

  1. Congratulations! I left my full time, widdled down to part time job myself last summer to focus on my art and writing. I currently work with acrylics but am looking to switch over to water colors. I can tell you, I talk A LOT to my 2 dogs. lol Beautiful work!

    1. Sparky – Thank you – glad to hear the experiences of others who have done the same. Try watercolors….I’ve tried acrylics, though didn’t care for the opacity. You dogs look adorable and sweet, no wonder you speak to them…..if only I could say the same for the cat. Liked your blog about painting at night. I’m often jarred awake (3:30 is my favorite morning time) to an idea that just sends me to the studio. Keep creating!

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