Art Shows and the Point

One of the local art guilds is having another show.  Submissions must be in this evening or tomorrow.  Two paintings  are framed and ready.  The venue for the show has limited hours, staffed by dedicated volunteers.

It somehow feels like the movie Groundhog day.

When i fist started painting, I would anxiously await the jurors’ results and be devasted if my paintings were not selected.  Measured against my peers by a complete stranger somehow seemed to validate my work.  Seriously?

But I continue to participate.  If for no other fact than it gives my studio some breathing room, by giving these paintings a home for a month or so.

The shows themselves are an interesting example of our local, very talented artists.  And, in that sense, the same local talent wins the prizes, the same people show up at the reception, there are few or no sales.  While these are nice chances to catch up with fellow artists, the phrase “what’s the point” keeps popping into my head.

Perhaps the point for me is that its time to point in a different direction.


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