Not So Serious Art

My latest commission is almost done.  It’s taken me longer to do the background than the actual animal, but I’m loving the painting.  It’s been my main project for longer than I care to admit.  But, it’s not the only way I’ve been feeding my heArt.

My teaching has brought me some bright and fun moments.  I will usually draw, paint, or demonstrate with my students.  Painting and drawing along side, while they stretch and grow is a great way for me to practice, connect, and keep an eye on their drawings.  My drawings are usually quick sketches, perhaps some watercolor added, and viola!  Fun art even if not considered very serious.

Personally, I love the chickens.  My one student just received chicks for her birthday.  She’s such an animal lover and thrilled with her new “family” members.  (I must admit, when she showed them to me, they are cute.)  So we drew chickens.  Her drawings were delightful, and I believe her enthusiasm impacted my drawing/sketch.  They are delightfuly fun…just like her.  Oh, what we learn from teaching.

So I’ve opened my sketchbook for you today.  There’s nothing serious here, but it’s all part of the process of creating.


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