I taught someone to draw last night

and I like it.  It makes me happy.  Happy to see the smiles.  Happy to know they will never “see” things quite the same.  Thank you Betty Edwards, (author of  Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain).  While I do not use her exercises, I use her theories.

Watching people who thought they could only draw a stick person render a likeness of an object is an amazing experience.  They didn’t believe me.  The “key” is unlocked.  They didn’t believe they could do it, and they did.  Really.  There’s clear evidence on the paper.  There it is.  Right there.  And, they had a good time in the process.   I, in turn, am gratified by their amazement.    It’s a win – win.

In an hour and a half.  They have been given the gift and I have been given back their energy and excitement.  They will of course need to practice.  But last night, they did their first drawing.  And I touched the lives of strangers with my art.  With my gift……and I am grateful.  It is a very good day.


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