Feeding the HeART

From my sketches while in Sarasota, Florida on vacation.

This year’s resolution was to feed my heart…..or basically my art.  So everyday so far, I have made a concentrated effort to do at least one thing that nourishes my gift.  For a while I was recording these daily art accomplishments.  It helped to stay focused and I have always enjoyed making physical marks on paper.

My last entry was February 6th.  It says “Wrote blog about framing”.  Thankfully, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped the feeding program.  I’ve had several commissions, gained a new student, re-established my drawing group, framed a bunch of paintings, and most important of all,  I have painted.  With precision, with abandon.  With a magnificent #16 Kolinsky sable brush that holds a wealth of water and comes to the most beautiful point imaginable. My husband gave me this decadent instrument for my last birthday.  It’s nicknamed “The Butterbrush”.  Perhaps this abundance of heART happy happenings is the result of coincidence, or perhaps it’s the result of my daily feedings.  Or my gratitude for my gift.

Hard to explain the joy of putting paint on the paper.  It starts with picking up the paint with The Butterbrush. Swirling it into the fresh paint. The luscious look of  mingling, spreading and covering.  The sparkle left behind when leaving a touch of white around a vibrant deep blue.  But joy it is.  And my heART is happy.  I can highly recommend regular feeding of the heART, in whatever passion you pursue.


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