Patience and Gratitude

Can you guess the word? Perhaps your suggestions will give me some more words to paint.

I’m a pretty prolific painter, but sometimes I just can’t “get” it.  I’ve got two of those on my white board now.

Several years ago, a sweet friend (I consider her a twin soul) asked for my help.  She wanted me to paint several paintings to represent several words.  She enthusiastically left it up to me – whatever I wanted.  Think that might have been the death knell.  And so it went on my white board.

Yes, I know white boards are old-fashioned in today’s technological society.  But it works for me, specifically for my Studio.  I keep my projects, framing, purchasing, ideas, etc. next to my computer.  I see it every day.  It gets jumbled and smudged.  These two projects have survied the erasures of many projects above and below them.   About six months ago, I moved them to the top of the list.  The white board sits next to my computer.  I am reminded everyday of these long overdue projects.  Several ideas swirled around for the word project and several ideas came and went.  Even tried to “fit” some of the paintings in the boxes (another subject altogether) into this amorphous project.  But nothing felt right.  So these two projects became a hangnail.  I basically ignored them, but when they became smeared or partially erased, I’d just touch them up, be annoyed that I hadn’t solved them, and try to continue to ignore them.

Yesterday morning while talking with my sister (another twin soul), I was telling her my friend was coming for dinner next weekend.  Her name is always accompanied by my gratitude.  My friend shared an amazing gift during a particularly difficult time in my life. There’s no doubt she saved the life of a loved one.  My sister is all too aware of the story, and we both again reiterated how blessed we felt from her help. The hairs on my arm raised and my energy rose. Suddenly I knew what I was going to do for the project.  It was so simple, so sweet, so right.  I blurted out my idea to my sister, who immediately starting running on with even more ideas.

We hung up quickly as I was torqued to paint.  My studio was a frenzy for a bit, no planning, no prep.  The energy had taken over.  It took me until about the third painting to get something that resembled what was in my mind.  But that third painting was sweet and sang to my soul. I smiled.  I now found the synchronicity kicking in.  I had a million ideas, and the universe was sending me more.  The hangnail had become a driving force.

There are four paintings for this project on my clips. (where the paintings go to be photographed).  And, I will probably do another when I finish this blog.  What changed?  Did the gratitude play a part?  Or was it just it’s time had come?  And, to JD, who is still waiting for his painting, all I can say is….. patience.

When my friend comes to share our home, I’ll be extremely grateful to be able to share the paintings!  As this is an ongoing project, the picture above is just a peak at one painting.  Can you guess the word?


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