Just back from 12 days in Sarasota, Florida.  The weather was outstanding, temperatures in the mid 70s to 80s.  Considering our busy schedule, I was surprised to count 5 sketches and 11 watercolor studies.  I must have been inspired.

But what exactly was it that was so inspiring?  The colors in Sarasota are definitely different from the drab grey Jersey winter.  Flowers in bloom accented by green grass.  Maybe the  weather coupled with the sunshine.  Balmy breezes, record-breaking temperatures allowed days spent on the white sand looking at the turquoise water. The absence of an alarm clock or schedule.  Long talks and laughing with my husband.  Morning coffee viewing the small and peaceful lake.  An osprey flew across the lake, skimming the water with his chest, fluffing itself dry as it continued on.  The roseate spoonbill (it’s actually pink) flying right at us.  The excitement of the polo game – I’m not even sure polo is played in New Jersey.  Dining on fresh fish with views of the bay.  Brousing through my favorite art store.  Everyone dresses so colorfully.  Gorgeous sunsets that people actually took the time to watch.  So, what inspires you?

While I always love to paint, and can find inspiration in the bottom of a coffee cup, I’m feeling refreshed, and inspired.  The well is filled.  The studio is beckoning, the paper for my next commission is stretched and the joy is calling.  Let the painting begin.


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